Dear parents and students,

Programme: International Kangourou Competitions 2013-2014

We are honoured to inform you about the 2013-2014 programme of the International Kangourou competition. The Ministry of Education approval is sent to the School Principals and can also be found on the site

The competition is organized in Cyprus by the THALES Foundation, a member of the international association Kangourou Sans Frontiers, which coordinates the organization of the international competition with student participation in 2008-2013 exceeding 6.000.000 students in 52 countries. The competition is addressed to all the pupils aged 6 to 18. Past competition papers can be found on the website 

This competition promotes the harmonious development of youth using non-formal education, by stimulating the creative and applicative thinking, the intuition, the imagination, the ability to select and to make decisions.

For the school year 2013-2014 there will be a competition in two languages, namely English and French and a competition in mathematics. The competition is mathematics is provided in both English and Greek.

Click here to see the programme of the KANGOUROU Competitions for the school year 2013-2014 


Dr Gregory Makrides
President, THALES Foundation – Cyprus
Coordinator of the Competition in Cyprus